Trumpeter Tupolev Tu-95 Bear in 1/72 Scale

The Tu-95 is a Soviet strategic bomber design which first flew in 1952 – over seventy years ago.  It is broadly similar to the USAF’s Boeing B-52 Superfortress, the major difference being the Tu-95 is powered by four turboprops each driving two four-bladed contra-rotating props while the B-52 uses eight jet engines.  Both designs emphasized range and endurance, the B-52 is faster but not dramatically so.  The maritime patrol variant of the Bear is designated the Tu-142.

The Trumpeter kit needs a lot of work to make it presentable.  The nacelles and wings have fit problems so look forward to hours of sanding.  Many of the detailed areas are approximations and most modelers will want to enhance those and also put something more into the cockpit.  Definitely shorten the landing gear legs.  The model is huge when built up, length is 25.25 inches (64 cm).  Size is a problem so it requires bench space and care when moving it during construction.  You will knock things off your bench!


14 thoughts on “Trumpeter Tupolev Tu-95 Bear in 1/72 Scale

  1. Excellent model – a tribute to endurance, LOL. The B-52 is no doubt a better machine, but that forest of prop blades is uniquely cool looking!

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  2. Got close to one of these back in 1993 at Fairford, England. We all stopped what we were doing when it flew in for the airshow (Royal International Air Tattoo) – the vids are on youtube. They parked it quite close to the Vulcan which looked rather small alongside it. But of course it was an antique then. Always been tempted by the Revell kit 1:144. Incredible work to bring this one up to scratch……

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