Revell Messerschmitt Me 262 B-1a/U1 of NJG 11 in 1/72 Scale

During the closing months of the Second World War the Germans converted a small number of Me 262 trainers into nightfighters by fitting the FuG 218 in the nose.  This limited the fuel capacity so the aircraft were obliged to carry two 250 liter drop tanks under the nose.  As with many late-war German projects reports are contradictory, there may have been as many as ten of these conversions or as few as three.  It is doubtful any saw combat, but some survived the war to be evaluated by the Allies.

This is the Revell of Germany kit with detail added to the cockpit.  It appears the kit designers changed their plans in the middle of the kit design, the underside of the cockpit tub is detailed nicely, but there is a wheelwell “roof” molded into the lower wing section which conceals this.  I cut out the inaccurate roof and detailed the wheelwell and the cockpit.  This one definitely wants to be a tail-sitter, so be sure to add weight to the nose!

15 thoughts on “Revell Messerschmitt Me 262 B-1a/U1 of NJG 11 in 1/72 Scale

  1. Too many models not enough time, where to you find it. At any rate the work is great and the stash will increase.
    Are you aware of any kits of the trainer, not the converted night fighters as the Luftwaffe reworked the rear cockpit to accommodate the radar operator thus eliminating the dual controls of the trainer and from what I have read making the rear cockpit back into the trainer cockpit is a major operation that I don’t believe I am up to.

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    1. Mistercraft issued a trainer in 1/72 scale. I haven’t seen it, so check into it and make sure they didn’t just use nightfighter sprues with a different decal sheet. Eduard had a PE fret for the trainer version as well which may have the parts you need.


  2. What is interesting, at least for me, is that the Me-262B-1A (Wr. Nbr. 110639) at the National Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola is the same plane that was at NAS Willow Grove for years. My family used to go to the base quite often (Dad was 100% disabled from the big one and we had base access). That got me behind the fence and I had direct access to the numerous planes on display. The Me-262 was in pretty poor shape at the time (circa late 50s early 60s) but that worked in my favor as I could climb into both cockpits. Don’t know how many P-51s I shot down, my guess is a bunch. I live in FL now and should really make a trip to NAS Pensacola and say hello to an old friend.

    On another note if I find a trainer it will be painted like white 35.

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    1. You’d about have to make that one with that kind of history. If you can get instrument panels you should be able to do a conversion from a nightfighter kit if nothing else. I think Yahu has panels for the Me 262.


  3. Well after hours of searching the web and finding no photos of the rear cockpit (trainers’ cockpit) of a Me 262B-1a two seat trainer I stumbled upon a book of Me 262 two-seat variants which I could only find for sale in jolly old Britian by Hannants. It is a 4+ Publication written by Malcolm V. Lowe et al. And low and behold it has two photos from an Avia CS-92, one front and one rear. The CS-92 is the Czech version of the Me 262. Quinta Studios makes 3D decals for the Me 262 instrument panel and side panels so with some styrene and cutting instruments I should be able to get done what I need to do (hopefully). It is possible that the rear of the airframe may have been modified due to reconfiguration of the fuel tanks. I see more reading in my future but slowly getting there.

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