Military Modelers Club Louisville 2022 IPMS Model Show

Yesterday was the Military Modelers Club of Louisville 2022 Model Show, held at the Triple Crown Pavilion & Convention Center.  There were 452 model entries, only slightly down from the MMCL club record of 481 entries last year.  The club is justifiably famous for their outstanding raffle which is always a highlight.    Meeting up with fellow modelers is always a good time, among many others I got to hang out with Mike & Dave of Plastic model Mojo fame and finally got to meet Warren (Dixieflyer) in person!

Mike and Dave record an interview with Stu Cox, MMCL President at the Military Modelers Club Louisville 2022 IPMS Model Show. Plastic Model Mojo homepage here:

2022 Indianapolis Roscoe Turner IPMS Model Show

IPMS Roscoe Turner held their annual show yesterday at the Boone County Fairgrounds in Lebanon, Indiana.  The Indianapolis-based show is rapidly becoming one of the most-anticipated shows in Region 4 and just keeps growing.  The vendors’ area was even bigger than last year, with 120 tables.  There were many great deals to be had, and my wallet certainly did not escape unscathed!  Loads of great models on display, the quality of the builds was even better than last year.  Here are a few photos from the show, enjoy!

2021 Year in Review

2021 saw a return to some degree of normalcy, but as with any great disruption there have been some re-definitions of just what that means.  There was a return to live in-person shows which was sorely missed.  What has changed with the shows is now they are bigger and better attended, with more vendors, more model entries, and an overall increase in quality of the builds.  Fewer group activities have translated into additional modeling time for many people, and for socially introverted types this appears to have been a good thing.  It has certainly resulted in more and better models on display at the shows!

The display area of the 2021 Military Modeler’s Club of Louisville IPMS show.

I was able to go to three shows this year, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Cincinnati.  All three were held in new venues, and all three were very successful and saw half again as many entries above what was normal for the club, if not more.  Many inspiring and innovative builds, and fellow modelers are always happy to share new techniques and tips to try out.  The guys at Plastic Model Mojo have taken their show on the road, and I was able to sit down with them and catch up in person, in addition to listening to their podcasts while I model.   Plastic Model Mojo here:

Mojovians Dave and Mike in front of an Fw 190 replica at the Cincinnati IPMS show at the Tri-State Warbird Museum.

For bibliophiles the news is still not good.  Publication dates on many new books have slipped.  The secondary and overstock markets have fared little better, with fewer selections and higher prices all around.  After two years the Half Price Books traveling blow-out sale is still nowhere on the horizon, and I’m starting to wonder if it will ever return.  Hopefully soon!

Blog Statistics and News

The Inch High Guy blog has completed year three!  A big thanks to all who visit on a regular basis, whether new or old.  I am happy to report that I again managed to make a post each day, although there were a couple of near misses.  The blog received 139,675 views and 55,483 visitors, up from 73,992 views and 26,731 visitors last year.  The most popular post again this year was “Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress Interior Colors Part I” with 3,267 views:

Guess what? If you can see the ribbing on interior of a Fortress it should be Natural Aluminum, with only rare exceptions. Interior Green is for Warbirds!

Models Built in 2021

34 completions, 24 aircraft and 10 vehicles.  In addition I painted 42 figures, 14 horses, and constructed 8 diorama / vignette bases. Everything was built to 1/72 scale as is my preference.  The mosaic has a picture of each build, construction posts and additional finished pictures can be found by searching the blog.

Arma Hobby FM-2 Wildcat x 3

Azur Martin B-10

Trumpeter T-55

Takom MAZ-537 Tank Transporter

Airfix Spitfire Vc x 4

Vickers Mk. VI light tank resin print

Cunningham T1 light tank resin print x 2

Brengun Yak-1

Arma Hobby Yak-1b x 3

Hasegawa Yak-3

Dakoplast Yak-7 x 2

Valom Yak-7

Emher Yak-9

Hasegawa Fw 190D (old tool)

Hasegawa Fw 190D

Tamiya Fw 190D

Dragon Messerschmitt P.1011 x2

Dragon Julia

Revell Fw Fitzer

Revell Ho 229 (repaint)

First to Fight Polish TKS Tankette

ICM Sd.Kfz. 222

First to Fight Sd.Kfz. 247

Dragon Krupp Protze Kfz. 70

Italeri sK 18 10.5 cm Field Gun

What’s Ahead in 2022

This has been a year of exciting announcements for 1/72 scale modelers.  The new Focke Wulf Fw 190D series from ICB looks spectacular, and it even includes an accurate wheelwell for the first time in the scale.  The family will cover all the Dora subtypes.  Flyhawk released a new tool SBD Dauntless which will fix the dive brake issues with Hasegawa’s kit, and will hopefully continue to be available – something which can’t be said for several Hasegawa kits.  To top it off ICM and Special Hobby have both just announced a new-tool Ki-21 “Sally” for late 2022, a subject which has long been on the list of several modelers. The Sally was strangely missing from Hasegawa’s new-ish series of Japanese twins, modelers who had to have one searched for the MPM or 1976 Revell kits.

The big news for many modelers is that Arma is now shipping their P-51B/C kits.  The previous attempts from Academy and Hasegawa both suffered from fatal, difficult to correct shape issues.  Finally, for the first time, an accurate P-51B/C is on the way!  This kit should prove to be a license to print money for Arma, here’s hoping it is a windfall for them!  I have long agitated for this subject, so to put my money where my mouth is I have placed an order through my Local Hobby Store (support your LCS!) for one.  Case.  For starters.

Now Arma, if you’re listening, we could sure use an accurate Ki-43-II Hayabusa “Oscar” in 1/72 scale.

Arma’s P-51B/C

The second big release (for me) has a much more personal connection.  Takom has announced a U.S. Navy 16”/50 caliber triple turret in 1/72 scale, packaged as Turret One from USS Missouri (BB 63).  This kit has parts for the rangefinder which was later removed from the first turrets, but with a few modifications could represent any of the main battery turrets on the Iowa class battleships.  Now for the connection part – I served in the Navy, Missouri was my ship, Turret One was my turret.  1/72 scale Missouri’s in both the WWII and 1980’s configurations are on my bucket list, and this kit makes that project one step closer.  If the appropriate 5”/38 Mark 28 mount is ever kitted that would cinch the deal (the 1/72 scale 5”/38 Mark 38 mount included in Takom’s 1/700 Gearing class kit has an unarmored gun house, appropriate for destroyers but not battleships).

Takom’s 16″/50 turret

Lastly, we have purchased a wooded plot of land along the scenic White River, where we intend to build an energy efficient (net zero) home.  This is obviously a time-consuming project, and will inevitably impact time available for modeling and blogging.  In fact, the effects have already begun to be felt as I have been busy on the property cutting down the invasive Asian Bush Honeysuckle which is crowding out the native trees.  Hopefully there will still be opportunities for modeling, but the pace may slow a bit.  If I miss the daily posting on the blog in the coming months this will likely be the reason.

The mighty White River

May you each live long enough to build every model in your stash!

2021 Cincinnati IPMS Model Show

Yesterday was the 2021 Cincinnati IPMS Model Show, after skipping a year due to the recent unpleasantness.  This year the show was hosted in a new venue, amongst the aircraft of the Tri-State Warbird Museum.  There have been a number of shows scheduled recently in IPMS Region 4, with three shows in Ohio in three sequential weekends – Dayton, Columbus, and Cleveland.  The Cincinnati show saw 317 entries, one has to wonder if attendance wasn’t hurt by having so many shows scheduled so close together.  I stuck around after the show to get some pictures of the warbirds.  Great to “talk shop” with fellow modelers and to see all the great work on display!

Mike and Dave of Plastic Model Mojo were there recording their fiftieth show. Plastic Model Mojo here:

Military Modelers Club Louisville 2021 IPMS Model Show

Yesterday was the Military Modelers Club of Louisville 2021 Model Show.  This was the second show in IPMS Region IV since Covid (the first being the Roscoe Turner show in Indianapolis).  This show continued the trend of clubs re-thinking their site paradigms and was relocated to a much larger venue, the Triple Crown Pavilion & Convention Center.  The bigger venue and the general desire to get out again resulted in a very successful show and an MMCL club record of 481 entries.  The drive down was rainy but by the afternoon the skies had cleared and the day was beautiful.  The club is justifiably famous for their outstanding raffle and this one did not disappoint.  Overall a fine day out!

2021 Indianapolis Roscoe Turner IPMS Show – 1/72 Scale Models

Yesterday marked the first IPMS show I was able to attend since the beginning of lockdowns.  Ironically the last show I attended was also hosted by the Indianapolis IPMS chapter over thirteen months ago.  The club moved the contest site to the Boone County Fairgrounds in Lebanon, Indiana.  The new venue provided ample space to spread out and increase the size of the contest and vendors’ areas and still provide for wide isles.  There was considerable pent-up demand, this was Indy IPMS’ biggest show on record with 119 vendor tables and 904 contest entries!  Everybody was happy to get out and had a great time.  Several categories were just overwhelmed, single engined aircraft in 1/72 and 1/48 scale each had over three dozen entries!  It was great to catch up with everyone and it was a fine day out!  This is just a sampling of what was on the tables.

Additional photographs here:

World famous podcasters Mike & Dave from Plastic Model Mojo recorded their episode 36 from the event, their new show will drop Friday.  All Plastic Model Mojo podcasts available here:


Mike (R) & Dave (L) from Plastic Model Mojo

2020 Indianapolis Roscoe Turner IPMS Show – 1/72 Scale Models












































More pictures of other subjects and scales posted here:

Listen to Mike and David discuss the 2020 Roscoe Turner IPMS Show on Episode Seven of the Plastic Model Mojo podcast here:

2019 Year in Review

Happy New Year!

I started this blog in November of 2018.  The first several weeks were spent trying to figure out how to make a WordPress blog work, and then trying to settle on specific content within the topics of modeling and military history.  I realized I would need to impose some sort of structure on myself or the results would be chaotic, and I also set a goal of posting each day.  Faithful followers may have already determined the pattern, even if it is not followed absolutely.

Mondays are book reviews.  My teenage daughter sees this as proof of early onset dementia.  “Why would anybody ever write a book report if they didn’t have to?”  Forty-nine were posted in 2019.  I hope to improve my writing skills with this exercise.

Tuesdays and Thursdays I have posted completed models.  These have been split between armor and aircraft for the most part, but there are many more aircraft in the display cases and I will soon run out of old-build vehicles to post.  Some change will be needed but I’m not yet certain what it will be.  New completions will help.

Research topics are posted on Wednesdays.  Sometimes this is simply a collection of interesting pictures, and there are many more color photographs from the Second World War than is generally realized.  Other posts are the result of digging into a topic and piecing together a narrative of sorts.  Here you see what sort of rabbit holes I’ve managed to fall into.

On Fridays I post what’s on the bench.  Usually.  Some of the build logs are older forum posts which were ruined by the infamous Photobucket Phiasco and resurrected here.

Women Warriors usually get posted on Saturdays.  I love the vintage recruiting posters.  This is an easy post to put together as it doesn’t require a lot of detailed writing or research.

Walk arounds are Sundays.  I try to take pictures at museums or airshows which show details useful for modeling.  Another easy post to put together for the weekend, but I hope my fellow modelers have found something useful there from time to time.

Model shows are something I really look forward to, I generally get to about half a dozen each year.  Posting pictures from the shows shuffles the routine a bit but it’s always nice to see what people bring to the tables.


2019 was the first complete year for the blog.  I am happy to report that I managed to make a post each day in 2019, so 365 posts.  The blog received 27,174 views and 7,303 visitors.  WordPress attributes views to the home page or archives as a separate total, obviously people visiting are looking at individual posts but exactly which ones are not identified.  If a visitor enters the blog through a specific post (like from a link or a search) those views are attributed to the post.  By those imprecise metrics, the most popular post was “The B-17E and the Myth of the Bendix Ventral Turret” with 969 views.  Plus whatever was accessed through the archives.

Link here:


Models Completed

Thirty total this year, which is about average all things considered.  Subjects were about evenly split between aircraft and armor, with the scratchbuilt Los Angeles class submarine thrown in for good measure.  Everything was built to 1/72 scale as is my preference.  The mosaic has a picture of each build, if you want to see more finished pictures or the construction posts just enter the descriptions in the search bar to the upper right and it will take you to the posts.



Here’s the list:

Academy B-17C/D Flying Fortress

Academy B-17E Flying Fortress

USS Indianapolis (SSN 697) Scratchbuilt

Eduard MiG-15 x4

ICM Ki-27 Nate x2

Mania Ki 27 Nate

LS Ki-15 Babs

Ostmodels Resin Char 2B French Super Heavy Tank

Ostmodels Resin SMK Soviet Super Heavy Tank

AER SRL Moldova PARM-1 Soviet Aircraft Repair Truck

AER SRL Moldova ZIS-5 Soviet Anti-Aircraft Truck Conversion

Airfix Defiant Mk.I

Airfix Hurricane Mk.I

Airfix Spitfire Mk.Ia

Airfix B-17G Flying Fortress

Airfix C-47 Dakota

Zvezda IS-2

Zvezda ISU-152

Zvezda T-35

Trumpeter KV-1

Trumpeter KV-2

Trumpeter T-34/85

Dragon T-34/76 Mod 1943

UM BA-9 Armored Car

UM T-34/76

UM SU-100


Panzer Vor!

I have managed to use up just short of 18% of the photo storage capacity for this blog, so we should be good to go for the next few years at least.  I have enjoyed putting this together, and have enjoyed hearing from other modelers and discovering other blogs.  A big thank you to all who have visited here, commented, followed, or linked.  And a big shout out to David Knights ( ), without whose support and advice early on it is likely that I would have simply deleted this blog in frustration.  It’s all David’s fault, so blame him!


May you all live long enough to build every model in your stash!