Eduard Grumman F6F Hellcat of LT Richard Stambook in 1/72 Scale

LT Richard Stambook flew various types of carrier aircraft during the war, transitioning from the SBD Dauntless to the F4F Wildcat, and eventually flying the F6F Hellcat with VF-27.  His best day was during the Battle of the Philippine Sea on 19JUN44 when he was credited with four – three A6M Zeros and a single D4Y Judy.  He scored his final victory, a Ki-45 Toryu “Nick” on 18OCT44. One week later the USS Princeton (CVL-27) was struck by a single bomb dropped by another D4Y Judy, the subsequent fires eventually leading to her loss.  Stambock survived the sinking and the war, an ace with eleven victories.

This model represents the F6F-3 Hellcat of LT Richard Stambook, VF-27, USS Princeton (CVL-23), October 1944.

Tamiya Vought F4U Corsair of 1LT Kenneth Walsh in 1/72 Scale

Kenneth Walsh enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1933 at the age of 17.  He was trained as a Naval Aviator in 1937, earning his pilot’s wings while still a private.  By February 1943 Walsh was a 1LT, serving with VMF-124 on Guadalcanal.  He opened his account on 01APR43 with a triple, scoring another three on 13MAY43 which made him the first pilot to make ace on the Corsair.  He continued to add to his score, and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for 20 victories.  He returned to combat in 1945, serving in the Philippines and scoring his last victory off Okinawa on 22JUN45.  Walsh flew transports with VMR-152 during the Korean War, and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1958.

The model represents the F4U-1 Corsair of Lt. Kenneth Walsh USMC, VMF-124, as it appeared while operating from Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, May 1943. 

Eduard Lavochkin La-7 of Captain Aleksei Alelyukhin HSU in 1/72 Scale

Aleksei Alelyukhin was credited with 40 individual and 17 shared victories and was awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union twice.  He was flying I-16s with the 69th Fighter Regiment when the Germans launched operation Barbarossa.  He scored steadily throughout the war, although he was wounded three times and forced to bail out once.  He survived the war and served until 1985, retiring as a Major General.

This is the La-7 of Captain Aleksei Alelyukhin HSU x 2, 9 GIAP, East Prussia, December 1944. 

ICM Polikarpov I-153 of Captain Konstantin Soloviyev HSU in 1/72 Scale

I-153 of Captain Konstantin Soloviyev HSU, 71st IAP, Soviet Navy Baltic Fleet Aviation, Lavansaari, Summer 1942.  Soloviyev was credited with 4 individual and 8 shared victories.  Photographs of other 71st IAP I-153s show that the front baffle plating was removed from some aircraft, exposing the engine, while on others it was not.  It is not clear if the plating was removed from White 24 so I modeled it in place.

ICM Polikarpov I-16 of Boris Safonov HSU in 1/72 Scale

I-16 Type 24 of Boris Safonov, twice HSU, CO of the 4th Squadron, 72nd Mixed Aviation Regiment, Soviet Navy Northern Fleet, Vaenga USSR, August 1941.  Safonov was credited with 20 individual and 6 shared victories.  While it is likely Safonov flew this aircraft, it was not assigned exclusively to him.  The slogans are “For Stalin!” on the port side and “Death to Fascists!” to starboard.

Hasegawa Brewster Model B-239 Buffalo of 1Lt Hans Wind in 1/72 Scale

Hans Wind was Finland’s second highest scoring ace with 75 victories.  39 of his victories were scored during the Continuation War flying the Brewster Buffalo.  While the Buffalo is generally considered to be an inferior type, the Finns used it with great effect against the Soviets, Wind’s victories included several lend-lease Hurricanes and Spitfires.  He was awarded the Mannerheim Cross twice.

The model depicts the B-239 of 1Lt Hans Wind of 1/LeLv 24 operating from Suulajarvi during the spring of 1943.

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Hasegawa Brewster Model B-239 Buffalo of SSgt Nils Katajainen in 1/72 Scale

Nils Katajainen was a Finnish fighter pilot who was credited with a total of 35 victories, including 17 on the Brewster Buffalo.  He was wounded in action in July 1944, which ended his flying career.  He was awarded the Mannerheim Cross.

The model represents the Brewster Model B-239 of SSgt Nils Katajainen of 3/LeLv at Kontupohja during the Winter of 1942.

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Eduard Lavochkin La-7 of Major Ivan Kozhedub HSU in 1/72 Scale

Ivan Kozhedub was born in Obrazhievka, Ukraine in 1920.  At the time of the German invasion he was serving as a flight instructor.  He achieved his first aerial victory in July 1943, a Ju 87.  The Stuka was a favorite target for Kozhedub, he eventually downed 18 of the type.  He was also the first Soviet pilot credited with downing an Me 262.  He claimed to have downed two American P-51s in a friendly fire incident, although this is unconfirmed.  He retired in 1985 with the rank of Marshal of Aviation.

Kozhedub was the top scoring Soviet and Allied fighter pilot of WWII with 64 victories. The model represents the La-7 of Major Ivan Kozhedub HSU x 3, 176 GIAP, Germany, May 1945.