Dragon Jagdpanzer IV L/70 in 1/72 Scale

The Jagdpanzer IV L/70 was a tank destroyer built on the Panzer IV chassis mounting a 7.5 cm 70 caliber gun.  The model is based upon a profile in Kagero’s TopColors 32, Pz.Kpfw. IV Family, with some liberties taken by yours truly.

Construction post here: https://inchhighguy.wordpress.com/2022/06/10/dragon-jagdpanzer-iv-l-70-build-in-1-72-scale/

Dragon Jagdpanzer IV L/70 Build in 1/72 Scale

Dragon’s kit number 7307 Jagdpanzer IV was originally released in 2005. There have been several re-boxings to account for different versions, and you can even buy assembled and painted models under their Dragon Armor line.
The lower hull is slide molded. The box contains several small sprues, many only containing a few parts. It must be a real trick to ensure all the needed parts make it into the box! Molding is crisp and many of the parts are quite small and delicate, so care must be used to get everything off the sprue without damage.
A big plus for the Dragon kits is their tracks. They react well to standard modeling glues and can be stretched to get the desired length. The kit also included a turned metal gun barrel which is a nice touch. There is also a small PE fret for those who want to mess with it.
Fit of the parts is excellent. The road wheels come with the hubs molded separately for those who would rather paint before assembly to save some delicate painting.
The majority of the tools are molded separately which makes them much easier to paint. Most of these wind up on the engine deck and will be added after the main camo is applied.
Camouflage is Mr. Color Field Green over Dark Yellow.
Here is the finished product. The camo pattern is from Kagero Top Colors 32, Pz.Kpfw. IV family. The book includes Cartograph decals in the three major armor modeling scales, 1/72 and those other two. The radio antenna is Nitenol wire.

More completed photos here: https://inchhighguy.wordpress.com/2022/07/14/dragon-jagdpanzer-iv-l-70-in-1-72-scale/

ESCI Jagdpanther in 1/72 Scale

This is the ESCI Jagdpanther.  Not a bad kit given it’s age.  I’ve added towing shackles from Dragon spares and handles from wire.  It comes with side skirts but they’re too thick and best replaced.  The spare tracks on the rear hull are poorly defined and should also be replaced (as here) or left off.  Tracks here are link and length.  I struggle with these and am hoping that practice improves my efforts.