Eduard Lavochkin La-7 of Captain Aleksei Alelyukhin HSU in 1/72 Scale

Aleksei Alelyukhin was credited with 40 individual and 17 shared victories and was awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union twice.  He was flying I-16s with the 69th Fighter Regiment when the Germans launched operation Barbarossa.  He scored steadily throughout the war, although he was wounded three times and forced to bail out once.  He survived the war and served until 1985, retiring as a Major General.

This is the La-7 of Captain Aleksei Alelyukhin HSU x 2, 9 GIAP, East Prussia, December 1944. 

Eduard Lavochkin La-7 of Major Ivan Kozhedub HSU in 1/72 Scale

Ivan Kozhedub was born in Obrazhievka, Ukraine in 1920.  At the time of the German invasion he was serving as a flight instructor.  He achieved his first aerial victory in July 1943, a Ju 87.  The Stuka was a favorite target for Kozhedub, he eventually downed 18 of the type.  He was also the first Soviet pilot credited with downing an Me 262.  He claimed to have downed two American P-51s in a friendly fire incident, although this is unconfirmed.  He retired in 1985 with the rank of Marshal of Aviation.

Kozhedub was the top scoring Soviet and Allied fighter pilot of WWII with 64 victories. The model represents the La-7 of Major Ivan Kozhedub HSU x 3, 176 GIAP, Germany, May 1945.

Eduard Lavochkin La-7 in 1/72 Scale

Here is the Eduard Lavochkin La-7.  The Dual Combo and Limited Edition boxes contain colored PE and masks, the Limited Edition also has a PE fret for dropped flaps.  There is only a single sprue but it allows for building either the two- or three-gun versions.  I replaced the kit spinners with resin ones from SBS as the shape is more accurate.  Sidewall detail is faint and adding the PE does little to bulk it up.  I added additional depth with Evergreen.   I also added Evergreen to the wheelwells to simulate the ducting from the wing inlets visible there.  There is a gap into the well which needs filling or you can see in through the wing inlets.

The markings are for an La-7 of Major Sultan Amet-Khan HSU x 2, 9 GIAP, East Prussia, December 1944.  Amet-Khan was credited with 30 individual and 19 shared victories.  The metal panels behind the exhausts were painted Alclad Aluminum with Alclad Steel discoloration.  The metal cowl bands are kit decals.