2022 Indianapolis Roscoe Turner IPMS Model Show

IPMS Roscoe Turner held their annual show yesterday at the Boone County Fairgrounds in Lebanon, Indiana.  The Indianapolis-based show is rapidly becoming one of the most-anticipated shows in Region 4 and just keeps growing.  The vendors’ area was even bigger than last year, with 120 tables.  There were many great deals to be had, and my wallet certainly did not escape unscathed!  Loads of great models on display, the quality of the builds was even better than last year.  Here are a few photos from the show, enjoy!

2021 Cincinnati IPMS Model Show

Yesterday was the 2021 Cincinnati IPMS Model Show, after skipping a year due to the recent unpleasantness.  This year the show was hosted in a new venue, amongst the aircraft of the Tri-State Warbird Museum.  There have been a number of shows scheduled recently in IPMS Region 4, with three shows in Ohio in three sequential weekends – Dayton, Columbus, and Cleveland.  The Cincinnati show saw 317 entries, one has to wonder if attendance wasn’t hurt by having so many shows scheduled so close together.  I stuck around after the show to get some pictures of the warbirds.  Great to “talk shop” with fellow modelers and to see all the great work on display!

Mike and Dave of Plastic Model Mojo were there recording their fiftieth show. Plastic Model Mojo here: https://www.plasticmodelmojo.com/

Military Modelers Club Louisville 2021 IPMS Model Show

Yesterday was the Military Modelers Club of Louisville 2021 Model Show.  This was the second show in IPMS Region IV since Covid (the first being the Roscoe Turner show in Indianapolis).  This show continued the trend of clubs re-thinking their site paradigms and was relocated to a much larger venue, the Triple Crown Pavilion & Convention Center.  The bigger venue and the general desire to get out again resulted in a very successful show and an MMCL club record of 481 entries.  The drive down was rainy but by the afternoon the skies had cleared and the day was beautiful.  The club is justifiably famous for their outstanding raffle and this one did not disappoint.  Overall a fine day out!

2021 Indianapolis Roscoe Turner IPMS Show – 1/72 Scale Models

Yesterday marked the first IPMS show I was able to attend since the beginning of lockdowns.  Ironically the last show I attended was also hosted by the Indianapolis IPMS chapter over thirteen months ago.  The club moved the contest site to the Boone County Fairgrounds in Lebanon, Indiana.  The new venue provided ample space to spread out and increase the size of the contest and vendors’ areas and still provide for wide isles.  There was considerable pent-up demand, this was Indy IPMS’ biggest show on record with 119 vendor tables and 904 contest entries!  Everybody was happy to get out and had a great time.  Several categories were just overwhelmed, single engined aircraft in 1/72 and 1/48 scale each had over three dozen entries!  It was great to catch up with everyone and it was a fine day out!  This is just a sampling of what was on the tables.

Additional photographs here: https://imodeler.com/2021/04/2021-indianapolis-roscoe-turner-ipms-show/

World famous podcasters Mike & Dave from Plastic Model Mojo recorded their episode 36 from the event, their new show will drop Friday.  All Plastic Model Mojo podcasts available here:  https://www.plasticmodelmojo.com/


Mike (R) & Dave (L) from Plastic Model Mojo

2020 Indianapolis Roscoe Turner IPMS Show – 1/72 Scale Models












































More pictures of other subjects and scales posted here:  https://imodeler.com/2020/03/2020-ipms-roscoe-turner-indianapolis-model-show/

Listen to Mike and David discuss the 2020 Roscoe Turner IPMS Show on Episode Seven of the Plastic Model Mojo podcast here:  http://www.plasticmodelmojo.com/

2019 IPMS Cincinnati Model Show, 1/72 Scale Entries And More, Part 2



The LA Boat, Gato, and Type VII are all 1/72 scale, an interesting comparison on the same table.











The photograph behind the model made for a simple but rather nice display!

Best Armor was this WWI Liberty truck in 1/35.

Best Aircraft and Best of Show was this very nice Bristol.

Little Joe in 1/144 was very nicely done.

1/48 scale single engine.  All scales were well represented, 460 models were entered in the contest.

Madame Zora was a figure bust, the booth and associated details were added by the builder to enhance the display.


2019 IPMS Louisville MMCL Model Show, 1/72 Scale Entries

Pictures from the Louisville 2019 IPMS model show hosted by the Military Modelers Club of Louisville (MMCL) yesterday.  This is always a great show, and this year saw one of their biggest contests with 360 entries.  This club is famous for their hospitality and also for their raffle which is arguably the best in IPMS Region 4.  A great day out and the unofficial start of summer, here is a selection of some of the 1/72 scale entries.

As an aside, it has become somewhat popular in the mainstream media to repeat the narrative that the federal government has neglected infrastructure maintenance here in the U.S.  Speaking solely from my own experience yesterday, I can offer an empirical datapoint to the contrary.  My route from Yorktown to Louisville was about 175 miles (280 km) but I encountered numerous and extensive highway renovation projects along the way.  Long stretches of I-69 and I-65 were being widened and improved, and many areas not currently under reconstruction on those highways had only recently been renovated.  Numerous notices warned of detours in both Louisville and Indianapolis for additional projects which were not along my route.  The bridge on I-65 spanning the Ohio River into Louisville is new, as is the “spaghetti bowl” of highways feeding it.  The small bridge across the raging White River close to my home is also being renovated.  Quite a bit of highway maintenance is being conducted.  Maybe I’m just special but I doubt it.

All that aside, here are some great models to enjoy!