Airfix Standard Light Utility Vehicles in 1/72 Scale

These are Standard Light Utility Vehicles which are part of the Airfix WWII RAF Bomber Re-Supply Set.  One is included in each box, it is essentially a light truck and a quick build in 1/72 scale.  Many of the kit parts are molded on the clear sprue, but mine suffered from the dreaded Airfix flow lines so I cut the portions representing glass off and replaced the windshields with acetate.  There were also gaps at the sides where the cab joins the hood which I filled with Perfect Plastic Putty.  Other than that they build up nicely.















Airfix Bedford Trucks in 1/72 Scale

These are the Airfix Bedford trucks which are part of their WWII RAF Bomber Re-Supply Set.  You get one truck in each set but have the option of building it as either an MWC water tanker or an MWD light truck.  I purchased two sets so I built one of each version.  The kits are well engineered and go together without any surprises, the only down side is the clear parts had the dreaded Airfix flow lines and so the windshields were replaced with clear acetate.  I modified the water tanker by lowering the equipment boxes on the sides of the tank and replacing the walkways with P.E. from Brengun.

















Bomber Re-Supply Set construction here:

Airfix Bedford Truck Builds in 1/72 Scale

This is the Airfix Bedford truck kit which is part of their WWII RAF Bomber Re-Supply Set.  You get one truck in each set but have the option of building it as either an MWC water tanker or an MWD light truck.  I purchased two sets so I’ll be building one of each.  This is the common component of both kits, the frame and the cab.
Most of the frame is molded as a single piece which helps speed construction.
Here is where most of the difference comes in, the water tank on the left and standard bed on the right.  I replaced the walkways on the tanker with PE parts from the Brengun set, those and some side mirrors were the only parts I used.  The grab handles were replaced with wire, a simple improvement which improves the appearance considerably.
Here is the bed with its canvas cover.  The canvas over the cab has a circular hump which was apparently less common than a straight canvas tarp, so I cut the hump out and filled it with stock on both kits.
The walkways and bins on the water tanker are molded on too high, lowering them a couple of millimeters makes a noticeable improvement.
Here are the major sub assemblies painted up, the water tanker in Dark Earth and scale black, the standard truck in Dark Earth with a lightened cover.
The kits were given a coat of gloss to prepare for decals and also to seal the underlying paint for washes.  The decals performed pretty well with a little coaxing.
Here are the trucks with a Tamiya black wash and a coat of flat.  The front windscreens have been replaced with acetate sheet as mine had the dreaded Airfix clear part flowlines.
These went together well and I enjoyed building them.  I have a soft spot for military softskins, these will look good in the collection.

More finished pictures here:

Airfix Standard Light Utility Vehicle Build in 1/72 Scale

This is the Airfix Standard Light Utility Vehicle which is part of the WWII RAF Bomber Re-Supply Set.  It is essentially a light truck, and a quick build in 1/72 scale.  Many of the kit parts are molded on the clear sprue, but mine suffered from the dreaded Airfix flow lines so I cut them off.  Saves on the masking anyway!

The forward part of the canvas cover is also molded on the clear sprue in order to provide for the small side windows.  I masked those off both inside and out.  In this picture you can also see some of the small added details – door handles, side mirrors, and gear shift levers.

The underside is blessed simplicity, molded as a single piece with only the forward axle to add.  This did take a little time to remove mold lines but I prefer the one-piece frames.

A coat of Mr. Surfacer revealed some issues.  There was a gap at the forward edge of both doors and the clear firewall part was concealing two ejector pin marks in a prominent location.  These were filled with Perfect Plastic Putty and smoothed with a wet Q-tip.  An easy fix for a potentially tricky problem.

Both vehicles were painted in the Dark Earth and scale black camouflage.  Seats and benchtops were painted Olive Drab.

The window frames were replaced with 0.02” Evergreen stock.  I had to make new side mirrors as I managed to knock off the originals during painting.

There are a few decals provided in the kit, which I used.

Windshields were made from acetate dipped in Future, wipers were made from stretched sprue.

I weathered one vehicle but left the other relatively clean.  The weathering was intended to be a light misting of dust but I didn’t pull it off well and so the effect is not quite like I intended.  I may play with it a bit more but I’m calling it done for now.

Dragon Kfz.18 Einheits Horch 4×4 Type 1a in 1/72 Scale

Dragon calls this one a “Heavy Uniform Personnel Vehicle Type 40”.  The Germans tried to standardize their automotive transport during WWII, this was a Schwerer Einheits PKW (heavy standard passenger car) produced by Horch, the Kfz. 18.  There were many specialized variations of this vehicle and I am no expert, but I have no idea why Dragon doesn’t just call it a Horch personnel car.  Maybe a copyright issue of some kind.

All the confusing designations aside, this is a nice kit and a fun build.  The main body is a single piece wonder of slide mold technology and the smaller parts are added to this to build up the model.  These were packaged two to a box and were frequently discounted, so I’ve built a few.  I find these types of vehicles are useful to pose along with aircraft to give a sense of scale or to use in dioramas with other vehicles so they are handy to have around.























1/72 Scale Opel Blitz Flak Truck Conversion

This is a conversion using the Academy Fuel truck and a Zvezda flak gun.  I got this one for free from the LHS, the owner had bought this in a lot and it was missing some parts so he couldn’t sell it (thanks Brandon!).  As I already had a couple fuel tankers I scratched up a bed and skid mount for the Zvezda 20mm gun and converted it into a flak truck.  The gun is nice, but it would take some cutting to change the position.  The only vice is it comes without ammo clips other than one molded into the base and another held by a figure.  Fortunately I had one in the spares box so the gun can be loaded. I had a lot of fun building this one and liked the way it came out.















ESCI M6 3/4 Ton Truck in 1/72 Scale

This is the ESCI M6 3/4 ton truck.  A bit clunky by today’s standards but it can still be built up to a presentable model and is a useful subject.  This one shares molds with the other members of the ESCI M6 family which means it also shares the problems  of ejector pin marks and mold seams.  There are fit issues with several of the parts, so this is not a straight-forward build.  Be sure to mount the rear springs to the bottom of the bed instead of the frame or the model will sit much too high.