Monogram Curtiss P-6E Hawk in 1/72 Scale

This is Monogram’s venerable P-6E Hawk kit, still unsurpassed after half a century.  Markings are from Starfighter Decals sheet 72-116 and depict an aircraft from the USAAC 33rd Pursuit Squadron in 1938.  The yellow wings scheme is particularly attractive on this aircraft, the main problem is deciding which markings to choose!


9 thoughts on “Monogram Curtiss P-6E Hawk in 1/72 Scale

    1. I’ve tried the PE rigging, but I have more trouble cutting and fitting it than other methods. It is flat though, which is more accurate for most builds. On this one the tail braces are PE, but I gave up after that and went back to Nitenol for the rest.

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      1. I used 0.005″ on this one, but have also used 0.004″. You can get Nitinol from several places, best to get long lengths and compare prices as there is a wide range.


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