5 thoughts on “Focke-Wulf Fw 190D-9 Walk Around

    1. This one has the standard tail. I haven’t researched the history of this particular airframe but I may have it here somewhere. One of the other D-9s in the U.S. was rebuilt with wings from a D-11, and Tamiya measured that airframe for their D-9 kit in 1/72 scale.

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      1. Was their a difference between the D-9 and D-11 wing? I know that some late D-9s (and maybe D-13s) got the bigger 152 tail. It wasn’t ever assigned a designation, and appears to have been an expediency at the end of the war.

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      2. The engine was upgraded on the D-11 and D-13, and the armament changed. I think the wings on the re-built were from a D-13, not a D-11. Tamiya copied the ejection chute for the gun firing through the prop hub which the D-19 doesn’t have. I’d have to look at the wing armament, I don’t remember which they have. AFAIK all the T-152 tails fitted to Fw 190Ds were done at depots or in the field, and there are only a small number of them known (3-4?). Cool looking aircraft though.


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