Monogram Boeing F4B-4 in 1/72 Scale, VF-6

This is the Monogram F4B-4 kit first released in 1968.  This is a classic kit which still holds up well by today’s standards.  I scratchbuilt a cockpit and added rigging from 0.004” Nitenol wire.  There are several ejector pin marks which will require filling, but the kit goes together well and still is regularly seen at model shows.  The markings for this one came from Yellow Wings sheet 72-011 and represent an aircraft operated by VF-6 from the USS Saratoga (CV-3).















4 thoughts on “Monogram Boeing F4B-4 in 1/72 Scale, VF-6

    1. Thanks Paul! The natural light really adds a lot. Yellow Wings are a favorite subject of mine as well, if you want to see some more click on the “Yellow Wings” tag at the bottom of the post and the rest should come up.


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