By Way of Introduction

Forsake hope all ye who enter. Here be Dragons.

… and Tamiya, and Eduard, and Revell, and Airfix. So nothing really dangerous save the occasional slip of the Xacto knife.  Nothing of general interest to average folk either, but if you are one of the modeling fraternity then hopefully you will find these pages enjoyable.  I have had an interest in modeling as long as I can remember, and a corresponding interest in military history.  Early on I focused on 1/72 scale due to the wide variety of subjects available in that scale and my desire for commonality.  The name “Inch High” is a reflection of that, a six foot tall man is an inch high in a 1/72 world.

With the desire for accuracy comes the need for research, modelers tend to collect reference material by the truckload. I am but one example of that among many.  Half the fun of a modeling project is the research.  When I come across a particularly useful reference I will cite it, when I can I will offer a brief review.  Hopefully I will be able to present some material which is new to many readers, and also to dispel some persistent misconceptions.  Much of what you will see here is the result of my own curiosity and efforts to research a potential modeling project.  Sometimes that results in a model, sometimes it simply results in interest in another rabbit hole.

The internet has opened up additional avenues for research. History must be preserved in order to be understood, and the internet affords a remarkable opportunity to enhance our knowledge.  I believe in the legal doctrine of Fair Use, but I also believe in attributing due credit wherever possible and acknowledging the research of others, along with any historical information regarding the time, place, or military service members involved.

Errors or omissions are my own, but they can be corrected. I will edit posts as needed to correct any factual errors or include amplifying information.  If you notice a problem please contact me,  my desire is accuracy.

Happy modeling!

– Jeff

6 thoughts on “By Way of Introduction

  1. Your intro test is there. It is just getting pushed off your main page by your most recent post, the B-17 post because of it’s size. If you want to make your introductory post always visible, you can pin it to your main page.

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