Airfix Curtiss Hawk 81 in 1/72 Scale

This is an American Volunteer Group “Flying Tigers” Hawk 81, with the markings of Robert Neale of the First Pursuit Squadron.   Neale was the AVG’s leading scorer, credited with 13 victories.  There are many subtle differences in the markings carried by AVG aircraft.  The tigers were decals provided by Disney but the other markings were unique, and often were changed and repainted on the same airframe.  Pay close attention to your references, and check each decal. These markings are a mixture of the Airfix kit sheet and an aftermarket sheet from Kits World.  The Kits World sheet is quite small for the money and the tigers can’t be used because they are oversized.  The Airfix Chinese roundels are much too light, but have the correct mouth style for Neale’s aircraft (but not Older’s 68 as illustrated).  Between the two sheets you can piece together proper markings for a few different AVG aircraft.

















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