Fujimi Aichi B7A Ryusei 流星 “Grace” in 1/72 Scale

The Aichi Ryusei (Allied reporting name “Grace”) was a Japanese carrier-based attack aircraft which was intended to serve as a torpedo-, dive-, and level-bomber aboard the Taiho and Shinano.  Both ships were sunk before the Ryusei could be embarked, and the limited numbers produced operated from shore bases.  The gull wings gave it a distinct appearance, and performance was exceptional for an attack aircraft of the period.

This is Fujimi’s kit from the mid 1980s.  It is a decent kit for its time but could use a little extra work.  I rebuilt the cockpit using Evergreen, replaced the engine with resin from Engines & Things, and deepened the wheelwells. The model depicts an aircraft of the Yokosuka Naval Air Group to match a photograph, the dual horizontal tail stripes indicate a flight leader.