North American O-47 Color Photographs – Details and Crew

A staged photograph of a group of officers studying a map on the tail of an O-47, showing details of the tail to good advantage. (Rudy Arnold)
A good view of the main landing gear as this O-47 warms up.  Modelers note the variation of colors on the long exhaust running along the starboard side. (Rudy Arnold)
Sgt. Mollowitz standing by the flexible .30 caliber gun in the rear defensive position. (Rudy Arnold)
Pilot Lieutenant D. H. Schreiner in cold weather gear preparing to board the aircraft.  The red center in the national insignia was carried until May of 1942, when it was deleted to avoid confusion with the Japanese Hinomaru. (Rudy Arnold)
The crew at their positions.  Note the position of the rear canopy glazing, which the gunner has rotated forward to deploy his weapon.  Unless the observer needed a picture of the upper wing as shown here, he would normally deploy his camera through cut-outs in the fuselage under the wing. (Rudy Arnold)
Three officers posed to represent the aircrew.  This photograph shows their cold-weather flight gear to good advantage. (Rudy Arnold)
Rear gun in the deployed position.
Another view of the rear defensive gun position which also shows details of the exhaust opening.
The camera being transferred to the aircraft.