AZmodel Vought OS2U Kingfisher in 1/72 Scale

There is one color and two black-and-white photos of this particular Kingfisher.  It served in the Aleutians during 1943, and was carried aboard the Omaha-class light cruiser Detroit (CL-8).  The white stripes on the tail surfaces are Aleutian theater markings, and like many U.S. aircraft serving in the Aleutians, she carries non-standard national insignia.  Photos of the actual aircraft in this post:

Construction posts here:


18 thoughts on “AZmodel Vought OS2U Kingfisher in 1/72 Scale

      1. There was a big concern with friendly fire in the aftermath of the Pearl Harbor attack and the following months. Some USN aircraft carried full-chord insignia, there are photos from Enterprise with SBDs like that and I’ve seen pictures of a PBY with absolutely huge wing insignia.

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      2. Yes I’ve seen that in 1942. But those are mid-1943 markings. Unless maybe they just modified existing oversized insignia when the new markings came out in July that year? It’s a dramatic and different look!

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      3. I think they started with the oversized markings and just kept adding to them as the subsequent directives were issued. On this particular Kingfisher they ran out of room! The Aleutians were similar to some of the training commands in that it doesn’t appear they went back and repainted the markings in many cases.

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