North American P-51C / F-6C Mustangs of the 118th Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron Color Photographs Part II

A fine study of North American F-6C 42-103506. The F-6C was a reconnaissance version of the Mustang, the camera port for the side-mounted camera can be seen below the national insignia, a second camera was mounted in the fuselage facing downward. Modelers note the Neutral Gray drop tanks under each wing and the HF/DF loop on the top of the fuselage.
A useful view of the other side of 42-103505. It is rare to have photographs of both sides of the same aircraft taken on the same day, here we are fortunate to have two beautiful views, and in color!
Two “action” photographs as another 118th TRS F-6C comes in for a landing. While the 118th was officially a reconnaissance squadron, it was equipped with both the P-51C and F-6C versions of the Mustang, and the majority of the missions assigned to the squadron were fighter / bomber sorties.
The 118th applied the “lightening bolt” markings in October 1944, and added yellow trim to the markings shortly thereafter to make them more prominent. Here is the appearance before the yellow trim, seen again with Neutral Gray drop tanks.
A crowd has gathered to watch bore-sighting of the Mustang’s four Browning .50 caliber machine guns. Note the armorer on the wing with the open gun bay panels. The tail was raised using a lifting bar and jacks (or trestles) located just forward of the tail section.
The flight line at Laohwangping sometime in 1945. By this time the 118th has begun to receive the P-51K to augment their high-backed Mustangs.
A beautiful view of one of the P-51Ks in pristine condition. Note the 75-gallon drop tanks in the ditch behind the aircraft, these tanks are unpainted.
Two flights of Mustangs pass overhead in tactical “finger four” formations, which provided the greatest flexibility for fighter missions. Each group of four contained two “leads” and two “wingmen”. The task of the lead was to engage the enemy, while the wingman protected the lead from attack and allowed him to concentrate on hitting his target.

Part I here:


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