Dunkirk Color Photographs, Hugo Jaeger Collection Part III

These are color photographs taken by German photographer Hugo Jaeger.  They are currently held in the Life Magazine archives.  These were likely taken in May – June 1940.

Vehicles on the beach at Dunkirk. It is estimated that the British left behind enough equipment to fully outfit more than eight Divisions. To put this in perspective, this left only two equipped Divisions to defend England.
Abandoned rangefinder and equipment with French military truck in the background.
Vehicles pushed off the road outside Dunkirk. The Germans captured vast amounts of military transport.
Bofers 40 mm anti-aircraft gun on the beach.
The tidal plain littered with ammunition, abandoned vehicles in the background.
French Navy Destroyer L’Adroit was hit by an He 111 on 21MAY40. Her Captain beached her and ordered his crew off the ship, all survived. Her forward magazine later exploded which severed her bow.
British troops captured at Dunkirk.
General destruction at Dunkirk.
Similar scene moving down the wharf with abandoned vehicles on the left.
Burned out vehicle and general destruction of the city.

Part IV here: https://inchhighguy.wordpress.com/2023/02/08/invasion-of-holland-and-belgium-color-photographs-hugo-jaeger-collection-part-iv/


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