Martin B-26 Marauder Color Photographs Part VIII – 397th Bomb Group

A posed photograph of the nose of a 397th Bomb Group, 599th Bomb Squadron Marauder which shows off the squadron’s shark mouth markings and details of the nose compartment.
Another shark mouth B-26G of the 599th Squadron, this is 44-6791 “Linda II” seen at Mount Farm, England.
Even the sharkmouth marking could be embellished. Wearing one of the more colorful B-26 examples of nose art, “The Big Harry Bird” is seen taking off from Peronne in January, 1945. The diagonal tail stripe was a 397 Bomb Group marking, shared with all four squadrons.
A fine study of a formation of 597 Bomb Squadron aircraft in flight. 43-34401 “Helen Highwater” was written off in February 1945, “Kreihl’s Cradle” 42-95828 is behind her.
The same two Marauders as seen in the previous photograph after having separated from the larger formation which is still faintly visible in the background. Both aircraft still carry remnants of invasion stripes under the fuselage, note the differences in squadron markings and camouflage demarcation.
Invasion stripes were intended to be a temporary marking, and many faded away or were removed in the weeks after D-Day.  This is ably illustrated by “Dee Feater” seen in this August 1944 photograph.
Another shot of “Dee Feater”, 42-96142.
A snowy scene at Perrone, France as 42-96153 “The Joker” warms up her engines prior to take-off. Peronne was a former Luftwaffe airfield used by the 397th Bomb Group.
42-96191 was named “The Milk Run Special” by her crew. Assigned to the 597th Bomb Squadron, she survived the war.
Four Marauders from the 596th Bomb Squadron taxi into position for take-off at Peronne.
Two more B-26’s parked in the grass at Peronne. These Marauders are attributed to the 599th Bomb Squadron but lack the distinctive sharkmouths.

Part IX here:

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