Special Hobby Seversky P-35 Build Part I

The Special Hobby P-35A kit was released in 2012, which makes it comparatively recent release in my mind. The P-35 is an obscure subject, but one which is a bit underappreciated today. The was P-35 a step in the evolution of which eventually led to the P-47 Thunderbolt, I’ll be building mine as the mount of Lt. “Buzz” Wagner, who went on to become the first USAAC ace of the Pacific War.
The kit features recessed panel lines and crisp molding. No alignment pins, but again I don’t see that as a big deal.
The second sprue has detail parts, which in some cases are replaced with resin parts. There is also a small photo etch fret which is mostly useful.
The cockpit builds up nicely. The P-35 was unique in providing a jump seat for a passenger within the fuselage, complete with a window for the passenger. If there was another fighter design with this feature it does not come readily to mind. The engine was enhanced with push rods from Evergreen stock.
Here are the cockpit and engine all painted up. Belts are from the kit-provided PE fret. This is all basically stock, I didn’t feel the need to add anything cockpit, but the engine got push rods and wiring.

Part II here: https://inchhighguy.wordpress.com/2022/02/25/special-hobby-seversky-p-35-build-part-ii/

16 thoughts on “Special Hobby Seversky P-35 Build Part I

  1. Sorry, the4 P-35A was not the mount of the first USAAC ace of the Pacific War. Buzz Wagner was flying a P-40E by the time the war broke out, since the 17th Pursuit Squadron he commanded had “upgraded” to the P-40E the previous September and October. (There is also considerable doubt he actually shot down five airplanes, since the situation at the time was “confused” to say the least, and the USAAC pilots knew nothing about their opponents). The only victory by a P-35A occurred on December 24, 1941, over Lamon Bay when PO3/c Toshio Kikuchi of the Tainana Air Group popped out of the clouds in front of 2d Lt Lamar Gillet, who was flying a P-35A, who recalled the incident: “I was trying to evade the anti-aircraft fire, when all of a sudden a Zero popped out of the overcast practically right beside me. I don’t think he ever saw me, because he immediately turned away. I just turned immediately to my right and was directly on his tail. I opened fire, and realized the tracers from my wing guns were converging ahead of him. I couldn’t throttle back to open the distance, but then he just dove and headed for the ocean as I realized my two 30-caliber nose guns were tearing up the rear fuselage in back of the cockpit. They tell you not to get target fixation, but I just stuck right behind him, firing all the way till he impacted the ocean, on fire all over. Looking back, I think I probably killed him with the first burst, but I was too green to know that.” The victory was mistakenly attributed to Gillet’s flight leader, 1st Lt Anderson, who had not even made the mission; the other pilot of the pair of P-35As mistakenly thought Gillet was Anderson. This was never corrected during the war due to Gillet being a “guest of the Emperor” after he survived the Bataan Death March. The Air Force finally revised the record in 1986 and gave retired Lt Col Gillet a Bronze Star for his action. But Squadron Publications, the publishers of “hex-spurt-ese” failed to get the memo and their publication on the P-35 continued the mistake because, well, “hex-spurtz” only copy other “hex-spurtz.” (I didn’t copy the “hex-spurtz,” since I knew Lamar, and told his whole story in my book “I Will Run Wild”)

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  2. Forgotten heroes and planes. Tom should be commended for his book which is available as a Google Book. I am pondering if I should be tempted once more to add this one in my ebooks.

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  3. This kit looks like a must buy. I’ve always had an irrational like for this little guy and the P-43.

    I have an old kit somewhere in the bottom of the stash. I would have guessed Pavla, but looking at scalemates, it must be MPM. I think I’ll buy this one instead of fighting a cage match with the MPM. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    Nice effort. Keep up the good work. I’ll throw “Seversky” in here for the Google monster.

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