6 thoughts on “Lockheed SR-71B Blackbird Walk Around

  1. Nice! The Habu AKA Sled. I’ve seen some Youtube videos of former SR-71 pilots (Maury Rosenberg and Brian Shul) discussing their experiences with this aircraft. It’s a beast. These photos are missing one thing, however…copious amounts of fuel leaking out of the expansion joints.

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    1. The photos are also missing another thing – light! It was really hard to photograph in that setting, but I have some more pictures for next week which are better. The one at the Air Zoo is the only surviving B model so that was neat to see it!


  2. I saw this airplane fly! It was August ‘97, it had engine problems after an appearance at Osh Kosh and landed at Milwaukee. After an engine change, it departed a week (or two?) later with an F-18 escort. I was on the tower catwalk to watch the take off! So cool!

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